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S100 Matt Wax Spray (250ml)

S100 Matt Wax Spray (250ml)

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Preserves the matte effect - of paint and film!

There were hardly any painted or film-covered motorcycles up until just a few years ago, so care products aren't particularly tailored to the requirements presented by matte surfaces. Using standard care products can alter the look of the bike and in the worst case, make it glossy. That's why matte surfaces are often left to deal with weathering with no protection. Dirty, sunshine, rain, etc. attack the paint and make it look unattractive over time.

The S100 Matte Spray preserves the original matte effect and provides long-lasting protection against environmental influences such as rain and UV rays. This wax works effectively against dirt and oil and makes water bead off. The treated parts are maintained without altering the matte effect. The S100 Matte Wax Spray is suitable for the maintenance of matte motorcycle surfaces and helmets as well as matte films.

Application: shake the bottle before use. Spray the product onto a soft, lint-free cloth (or directly onto the surface) and spread it evenly over the cleaned and dried surface. Leave it to dry briefly. Polish with a fresh, soft and lint-free cloth. Done!

Note: Do not use it in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces. Store the bottle to protect against frost. Do not breathe in the aerosol!


  • Preserves the original matte effect and provides extremely long-lasting protection. For paint and film!
  • Provides extremely long-lasting protection against environmental influences such as rain and UV rays, etc.
  • Makes water bead off easily
  • Repels water, oil and dirt
  • It's easy to use
  • Can also be used on matte films

Application areas:

  • Matte surfaces such as paint, film or rubber coatings, e.g. motorcycle component surfaces or helmets
  • Do not use on glossy surfaces
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