Warranty Packages


Below are the definitions for the warranty policy. Whenever required by the context of this Policy's T&C, the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa, and the masculine shall include the feminine and neuter genders, and vice versa.





Warranty program

This program is warranted and issued by Eighteen Motto Pte Ltd, (the "Company') UEN:202113082.


Authorised Workshop

The Company is the workshop to render vehicle repair services under the warranty program.



The other party to the warranty policy whose name appears in the record of the Singapore Land Transport Authority of Singapore ("LTA") as the registered owner of the Vehicle and shall remain as owner in LTA's record during the period of this warranty agreement.


Vehicle/lnsured Vehicle

The vehicle registered details recorded in the warranty booklet above and in the name of the Owner under LTA.

5 Non-Authorised Workshop Refers to all other workshops other than Eighteen Motto Pte Ltd.
6 Territorial Limits Refers to the territorial limits within the main island of Singapore only.
7 Accident

Refers to a sudden, unexpected, and unintentional event that is the only cause of damage to the Insured Vehicle.

8 Annual Limit

The maximum amount payable/claimable under this Policy is S$3,000 (SGD three thousand dollars) per year from the Policy commencement date.

9 Act of God

Flood, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, volcanic eruption, earthquake, or other convulsion of nature or by any direct consequences of any of the said occurrences.

10 New Motorcycle

A new vehicle registered in Singapore at the time when the Motor Warranty Policy commences. It is not considered a New Vehicle if it has been previously licensed or registered in another country or in Singapore.


Covered Parts

The parts of the Vehicle which are covered under the Motor Warranty Policy.


Excluded Parts

The parts of the Vehicle which are not covered under the Motor Warranty Policy.



Covered Parts

1. Engine Components

  • Piston
  • Piston Ring
  • Timing Chain
  • Connecting Rod
  • Connecting Rod Bearing
  • Camshaft
  • Cam Bearing
  • *Engine Block
  • Crank Shaft
  • Crank Shaft Bearing
  • Valve
  • Valve Spring
  • Engine Gasket
  • *Cylinder Head
  • Timing Chain Guide

*Covered under repairs only and not for parts replacement.

2. Gearbox

• Manufacturing defects

The parts listed are typical parts of a vehicle. Due to variations in vehicle design, make and model, this listing may not be exhaustive. Parts not listed under coverage are deemed as not being covered under the warranty policy.

Excluded Parts

• All Body Parts & Panels, Fenders, Rims

• All Switches, Buttons, Toggles Paint Chip Off, Faded Due to Wear & Tear

• After Market Accessories, Battery Voltage, Temperature, RPM, GPS Meters or Devices

• Radio Head Unit, Speakers

• Hands-free Mobile Device & Kit

• Water Condensation Build Up

• Within Front & Rear Head Light,

• Lamps

• Towing

• Wear and tear parts


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