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Eighteen Motto

Bike Wash

Bike Wash

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Get your bike washed and pampered with the Eighteen Motto team!
Relax in one of the best motorcycle showrooms while enjoying a drink or coffee.

We use:
Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II - the perfect maintenance shampoo that cleans and enhances any colour paintwork with extreme foaming bubbles for the perfect scratch-free shine without stripping wax or sealant.

  • Wash rims and chain
  • Foam spray & rub
  • Pressure rinse
  • Air pressure dry
  • Basic chain lubing

Optional Add-On:

  • Speed Wipe $8.00 - Static Free Spray to deliver deep mirror shine to your paint
  • Colour Refresher $8.00 - Helps restore dull black plastics and faded black metal engine parts to their fresh-looking state
  • Matt Wax Spray $10.00 - Helps to maintain the matt effect and provides extremely long protection against environmental influences such as rain and UV radiation.


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